Prestige By Caiyi Choo ( NEW RELEASED )

MYR 89.90

Introducing Prestige, the captivating fusion of delightful aromas and the embodiment of feminine empowerment. Inspired by the essence of Caiyi Choo, Mrs Glamour Look Of The Year World 2023. This exclusive fragrance is a masterpiece crafted in collaboration with The Beast Cosmetics. Each note carefully selected to evoke a sense of allure and confidence. At the heart of this remarkable fragrance is a delicate blend of Lily and Rose, their sweet and feminine notes intertwining seamlessly. Citrus adds a refreshing zest, while Sandalwood provides a foundation of richness and warmth.


Prestige is more than just a scent; it's an enchanting elixir that captures the very essence of Caiyi Choo, a woman who exemplifies the power of dreams, the beauty of diversity, and the unwavering strength of femininity. Whether you're a queen in your own right, an entrepreneur blazing new trails, or simply a woman seeking to embrace your inner glamour, Prestige is the perfect fragrance to elevate your spirit and empower your journey. Embrace the captivating allure of Prestige today and let its enchanting aroma ignite your inner glow and inspire you to embrace your true potential.